System with two & three adjustable legs

The Unite Electric Adjustable Table Legs utilize powder-coated steel construction and powerful DC motors with high lifting capacities. At 1 1/2 in (38.1 mm) per second, our lifting speed swiftly moves you from one position to another. The sophisticated programming in our control box creates the quality of movement you'd expect from a high-end product. Software ensures soft start/stop. Hall sensor measures speed and alignment. Temperature sensors protect circuitry and motors to ensure long life.


Product number
BE2 & BE3
Stages 3
Height - Overall Dimensions 23.5 to 49 in
Width - Overall Dimensions 42.2 to 74 in
Depth - Overall Dimensions 23.7 in
Material Steel
Recommended Top Width 42.2 to 84 in
Recommended Top Depth 24 to 30 in


System with two adjustable legs

Stainless steel spindle with ridged steel table legs.Stainless steel spindle with ridged steel table legs provide a very robust and durable piece of furniture. Perfectly balanced engineering provides quick crank lift and decent. High weight capacity allows this crank table to be useful in a variety of industries and situations.


Product number
Load Capacity 132 lb
Stages 2
Finish Silver
Height - Overall Dimensions 27.3 to 45 in
Width - Overall Dimensions 43 to 61 in
Material Steel
Recommended Top Depth 24 to 30 in
Operation Stationary
Depth - Overall Dimensions 23 in
Recommended Top Width 45 to 72 in

NEW PRODUCT (Multitude)

Save 3 times more space !

This training table with easy to flip top is the perfect option for schools, conference rooms as well as office environment.  Operates easily with one hand.  Assembly is quick and table will be ready to use once a top is added. Model is available in 3 colours to better fit the rest of the furniture in your institution.

See our video to learn more.


Electrical Accessories

The electrical components and accessories is what makes the office work.

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Electrical Modules (EBU Sytem)

The new electrical module is easy to wire to an existing plug in, to the wall, the floor or even the ceiling. This system consists of replacing the traditional fabric panel dividers as seen in the office environment since the early 50's.

The EBU Sytem is made to add to furnishings by looking like the furniture it is suppose to complement. This module can be made of laminate, MDF, wood veneer and it can alson be made at 22 5/8" high or even at 29" high to desk height.

The framed panels mounted above the EBU Module is also what can create this unique experience. If you are a designer, you will enjoy the fact that you can mix and match colours, fabrics, accessory boards, glazing, shelving, etc. The limit is your imagination.

All of those features and flexibilities makes it the only system of it's kind on the market.

And with our experience, we will never let you order something that won't work. And that's a guarranty.

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Inlays, On-lays & Decorative Panels

We offer metal in brushed chrome or brass for kick or mid-section inlays. The on-lays are applied over and above the vertical panels. They can be made of laminate, wood or any other product like acrylic.

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Our custom capabilities to inlay your corporate logo, messages or tagline "into" your furniture. We can inlay in metal, high-pressure laminate or in wood veneer to your reception, your visual presentation board, your lectern or your boardroom table made of melamine, high-pressure laminate or wood veneer.

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Give any doors on any storage unit a more modern look. Incorporate acrylic panels (clear or frosted) with the 2 1/2" door frame or simply with a 1 1/4" aluminum frame.

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Our many storage units offer a great amount of variety. But, if it isn't enough, we will customize the interior to fit a computer server, a bar fridge or even a safe. Just tell us what you need to fit, and will find the appropriate item to fit around it, if not, we'll make one.

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Choose amongs the vast items available in our catalogue or if needed, we'll customize one fit your needs. Anything from a simple letter size paper organizer, to a special mail sorter or even a blue print drawing open vertical storage.

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