No more !

These new rising electric or manual mechanisms will facilitate you working on your chair or rising on your feet in a few seconds.

Todays' ergonomic specialists suggest and strongly recommend to alter your working position to avoid back pains and problems which can devellop from a long sitting and tiring work.

These mechanisms come in two different colours and in a two-legged or three-legged style to adapt to a rectangular or odd shape worksurfaces.

 See our "Accessories Section" for more details.


Save 3 times more space !

This training table with easy to flip top is the perfect option for schools, conference rooms as well as office environment.  Operates easily with one hand.  Assembly is quick and table will be ready to use once a top is added. Model is available in 3 colours to better fit the rest of the furniture in your institution.


See our "Accessories Section" for more details.


Our new melamine collection is unique in the industry. The Dolomite (suede) finish has been the standard in the industry for the past 40 years. No other manufacturer offers so many choices of colours and finishes. The Aura and the synchronized Woodprint finishes feel and look like real wood.

Why pay 2 to 3 times more just for the look of wood veneer.

See our collection in the "FINISH/MELAMINES" section.

See Aura Promo.


Our new selection of fabric takes in consideration horizontal (flat for seating and cushions) in the benching system and the vertical panels and fabric tackboard application.

See our collection in the "FINISH/FABRIC" section. Inotec has spent almost a year at developping new ideas and mastering the rendering technology to better illustrate ou furniture and capabilities.

When 80% is standard and the 20% is custom, you still want to see what it looks like.

Sketchup and Autocad work hand-in-hand to better quality of almost photo like renderings.

Just go and see our "Design Ideas" to get a better idea !



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